Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Miley cyrus nude. New picz.

Miley cyrus nude. Cool pics:

miley cyrus nudemiley cyrus nudemiley cyrus nude
The difference between Cyruss Miley and Vanessa Hudgenss pictures ...? .. Mileys is that Vanity Fair shoot was public ... She knew that the public would see these images ... and yet she asked for them anyway ... yes she may not be completely naked, but she must know that some people react badly to it. I mean, the girl of his fanbase is pre-teen .. Vanessa Hudgens was naked escape peak. But it wasn't supposed to be. If she knew this would happen, it would have been more careful. Leaks on the Net was accidental. So technically it's not really his fault. It should not have taken these photos first, but she didn't know that the public can see them. Mileys Perhaps because of nude photos too. I hope not, but maybe she has, she just hasn't been leaked on the web. Vanessas peaks were off. So thats what I think - yeah Miley wasn't completely naked, but it would have attracted the attention of its hangar for pictures .... So why do you defend all Miley .. say that ?.... pics arent inappropriate Think that looks up at her. What do you think?
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