Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Miley cyrus nude pics. Cool stuff.

Miley cyrus nude pics. Some Pictures:

miley cyrus nude picsmiley cyrus nude picsmiley cyrus nude pics
I hate Miley Cyrus! ... And Im so sick of this .....? Let me first clear up, I hate Miley Cyrus, and who would be the hell is this betcht jealous? (get rid of all the T's) all miley fans defend her photo shoot at the stupid vanity. They say they forced her, and did so when their parents were gone. Actually, her parents were on set. She claimed that she wasn't a good time during the photo shoot, but she stuck her tongue, and goofing around. She blamed the whole thing on the photo shoot! Miley Fan Well, they gave her little dog's face and asked them to! my answer OMG! what if a boy gave her a puppy face and asked her to have sex? I mean, Miley Cyrus has its own voice, shes 15! And what's with the pictures she took of herself with her bra and green with envy of the picture when shes lying all over her older bf half nacid? what of those semi-nude pics? For advertising obviously.And shes a terrible role model. For the 3D Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers concert especially people went to see the Jonas Brothers!
Watch her N U D E video here!

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